We spark massive waves of impact by crafting powerful yet practical brand work for companies in the early stages of their life cycle. Less fixer-uppers; more foundation-setting. No more complex theories to discuss; just crystal-clear frameworks that get sh*t done.

Recent work

Everybody gets stuck from time to time. It’s part of the process. That’s why we help brands break through to the next level. We propel companies from Point A to Point B, and give them clear step-by-step guides on how to whiz on to Point C (or any letter for that matter).

Discovery, Positioning, Frameworks

Aspen Club

Creating a brand that guides architectural design, services, and community development.

Templates, Processes, Trainings


Evolving an approach and philosophy for creative briefs that drives growth.

Purpose, Workshops, Rollouts

Port 32

Crafting a purpose and culture that's activated by corporate and local marinas.


is better than singular specialty

Generalists are highly underrated

Seizing momentum

is better than fighting change

The only certainty is uncertainty


is better than cure

Proactivity is the prescription


is better than answers

Nothing is exact, but direction matters


is better than talk

Strategy takes action

What we do

There is no strategy without language. We speak human. That’s what sets us a word apart. No matter the need, we deliver with structure and simplicity. We’ll provide the spark off, so it’s easy to act and impact.

PurposePositioningBrand architecture
Team workshopsStrategic templates

Just a handful of who we’ve helped

Whether defining a brand to shape a product or taking a more traditional route, we’re honored to have helped these movers and shakers… move and shake.

How to tell if we’ll be a match

We’re a motley crew of interdisciplinary strategists and writers that get brands moving efficiently and effectively.


Have you experienced growth that highlighted a need for better process, systems or training?

Are you seeking a fresh perspective, but don’t have the time for more meetings?

Could you benefit from strategic direction that doesn’t come with the overhead of a big agency?

Do you want to take your company to the next level, but are unsure how to get there?

Are you not just ready for progress, but eager for it?

Let’s jump in early to get sh*t done.


Founded by Scott Sparks and in partnership with a dynamic team of brilliant collaborators. We’re brand makers with a bias for impact.

Kit Hawkins
Entrepreneur and Investor

Scott and The Spark Off are my go-to for all things strategy. Whether it’s positioning a small startup for launch or a branding well-funded behemoth, I know I’ll be supplied with innovative thinking, actionable solutions and a collaborative, yet seamlessly autonomous process. I can’t think of a more vital key to the success of any strategic project.

Taylor Tindall
Senior Producer

The Spark Off team are brilliant professionals. Always bold in thinking, they are able to captivate audiences and deliver strategic work with a conviction that leaves everyone in the room feeling good. Scott is hard working, reliable and a natural leader. It’s a joy working together with The Spark Off. I’d trust them with any brand project.

Ali Cornford
Managing Director

An absolute pleasure to work with! From the onset, Scott provided valuable guidance to the strategy process, using his depth of knowledge to help carve out a flexible solution that worked within budget. He was instrumental in defining a beloved brand purpose for a new company, and worked collaboratively with our design team to ensure that the new identity was also anchored back strategically.

Crystal Newberry
Creative Operations Director

A friendly nature, incredible intelligence, and drive to go above and beyond. Scott fully understood the ask and took the initiative to ask all the right questions in order for him to elevate our strategy with complete excellence. It's impressive when someone can take complete chaos and turn it into clarity and productivity. Simply brilliant strategy!

Ed Cornish
Design Director

Scott is engaged, attentive, patient, appreciative, curious – everything you want in a collaborator. He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty and has a keen eye for detail. He asks the right questions and challenges collaborators to produce the best work they can. The Spark Off don't just hide behind flow-charts and jargon, they make things happen and drive projects forwards.

Mollie Ableman
Creative Director

Scott streamlined our complicated creative briefing process. He took a confusing situation and turned it into a clear system while also ensuring all stakeholders were aligned. He makes change feel easy.